Set Photgraphy

Merav Maroody, a Berlin-based set and actors photographer and an art magazine chief editor (msuse art and sexuality magazine), has been working in the last 10 years on various film productions in the U.S. Europe, and Israel. While working on a small Hollywood production in Los Angeles, fresh out of school, she was discovered by one of Sony pictures’ producers and for the next five year, she would be one of Sony’s top five set photographers in Europe.

Throughout her career, she has had the chance to work alongside talented DOP’s including Douglas Milsome ( “The Shining”, “Full Metal Jacket” ) and actors including David Hasselhof, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and in a recent film, Alexander Fehling.

Maroody’s experience with working on film productions has laid the way for her to start developing her own personal film ideas. For the last 7 years, she is living in Berlin, and besides taking pictures of actors and sets.





Actors Photography

From Theater to Film in one click

Maroody's work in the past few years have been focused at helping Theater actors make the transition into film. Her experience with film sets and the needs of the production has made her an expert in the field of portraiture for portfolios, PR, and castings.

After Hours Creations